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If you're checking out Shiloh the Tabernacle of Praise for the first time, you can expect the same things that a lot of people expect every week; miracle, signs and wonders, with life transforming messages. A place to grow into the life that you've been created to have. That's really what we're all about. On Sundays, we enjoy powerful messages from the Word of God and an engaging praise and worship service.
During the week [Tuesdays], we meet to study the word of God and get in-depth knowledge of the Word and fellowship with other believers as we seek to continually grow in our relationship with Jesus and take the good news to the ends of the earth.
On Fridays, we have a prophetic fire prayer service to intensely pray for our needs and the needs of our communities.
We will like to reach out to you more often. Don't get lost in the crowd. Become a member today!
You can join us on any of our platforms, become an online member, participate fully, receive your blessings in abundance.
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When we Meet

Sunday first service

10:30 am CST


7:00 pm CST

Sunday Second service

12:30 pm CST


7:00 pm CST

What To Expect

At Shiloh, we have covenanted to:

Protect the Unity of our church
  • By acting in love towards other members
  • By refusing to gossip
  • By following the leaders
Share the Responsibility of our church
  • By praying for its growth
  • By inviting others to attend
  • By warmly welcoming those who visit

Serve the Ministry of our church
  • By discovering our gifts and talents
  • By being equipped to serve by our pastors.
  • By developing a servant's heart.

Support the Testimony of our church
  • By attending faithfully
  • By living a godly life
  • By tithing and giving regularly

How To Contact Us

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