About the book
By David Okumgba

The unseen spiritual world is gradually creeping into our daily psyche. Unexplainable and uncontrollable events and encounters in our lives have provoked a renewed interest in understanding the demonic. Questions hungry for answers have resurfaced. Is the devil real? Who are demons and where do they come from? How do demons operate? Can a Christian be possessed? How do I know if there are demons in my life? How can I get rid of them? Those answers are in this book and more.

Writing from a deep personal experience garnered over thousands of chronic deliverance cases personally conducted, Pastor David Okumgba gives a rare and authoritative insight into the demonic world, including workable prescriptions for overcoming demonic operations. To dominate your natural circumstances you must dominate your spiritual environment. To dominate your spiritual environment you must understand the activities of the various players in the spiritual arena.