Secrets of the Success of Ruth

At the top of her career, Ruth was the mother of Obed, who became the father of Jesse, who is the father of King David from whose lineage Jesus Christ came. Consequently, she was one of the few female progenitors of Christ mentioned in the genealogy of the Messiah in the Books of Matthew and Luke and a whole book about her story was included as part of the scriptures. So what was the secret of Ruth's success? learn more!


Secrets of the Success of Ruth Pt.2
2. Mentorship: A mentor is someone that shows you the way or helps you on your journey at critical junctions, for a season or through life. A mentor is someone that has discovered or proven a truth or a light on whose shoulders you can ride to enjoy the benefits of that truth or light without paying the price of discovery. Ruth would not have made it without the mentorship of Naomi…