My Overcoming Year

Day 1- My Overcoming Year - 01.03.2022
What is fasting
If you want to participate in this program
    1. Abstain from food from 6am to 6pm or 6am to 3pm or 6am to 12 noon or according to your faith. You may drink water. You can also do a Daniel Fast. Dan.10:1-2;
    2. Join us each evening except Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm CST for prayers and the communion to close the fast. There will be no services on Saturdays during the fast and on Sundays we meet for our regular Sunday service at 12.30pm CST. All these services shall be streaming live on our Social Media Pages.
    3. Engage with the daily prayer points posted on our WhatsApp page, Facebook page - @shilohttop @davidokumgba or on our church app and website