Message Summary

The Wonders of Praise. Ps.114

Our objective  is to understand the wonders that praise can bring into your life and the dimension of praise that can trigger wonders
By  definition 
    1. Wonders are unexplainable, inexplicable and undeniable acts or supernatural events that provoke astonishment, amazement and admiration. 
    2. Therefore wonders of praise refer to inexplicable supernatural acts that provoke amazement and admiration, triggered or caused by praise and thanksgiving. 
Examples Of Wonders Triggered By Praise 
    1. The walls of Jericho, which was about 40 feet tall and over 35 feet wide including the embankments, fell flat as a direct result of the shout of Praise. Josh.6:1-5, 20. 
    2. The victory secured by praise in the battle of king Jehoshaphat against the Ammonites , the Moabites and the people of Mount Seir, 3 of the most powerful nations of his day. 2Chron.20:21-25
    3. The instant deliverance of Paul and Silas from Prison when they deployed the weapon of praise. Acts 16:22-26
How Does Praise Trigger Wonders. 
    1. Praise is an invitation that God cannot refuse. If prayer does not bring him. Praise would. 2Chron.5:13-14; Isa.42:10-13
    2. Praise build's God a temple and a throne in your life and makes your life His address and when God takes resident of your praises then wonders are the consequence. Ps.22:3; 114
        a. Psalm 114 Means
            i. The sea saw them and fled
            ii. Jordan turned back
            iii. The mountains skipped like rams 
            iv. The hills like little lambs
            v. The earth trembled at His presence 
            vi. And the rock was turned into a pool of water. 
        b. If You Will Build God A Temple With Your Praise Today
            i. Every sea or obstacle on your path will flee in the name of Jesus
            ii. Every Jordan opposing you will back out in the name of Jesus
            iii. Every mountain or hill hindering you will get out of your way in the name of Jesus
            iv. Every resistance on the earth will crumble in the name of Jesus
            v. And every hard or difficult circumstance shall become a refreshing and inspiring one in the name of Jesus. 
    3. Praise is the atmosphere for wonders, miracles, signs and testimonies. That is why in heaven they are always praising, to keep heaven full of wonders. Rev.4:8

What Kind Of Praise Triggers Wonders Instantly
    1. The praise that comes from the heart. Matt.15:8
    2. The praise that reflects your life. The praise that comes from a lifestyle of holiness. 1Tim.2:8; Prov.15:8, 26;
    3. The praise that has become your identity. The praise you are clothed with. Isa.61:3
    4. The sacrifice of Praise. The attitude of praise. You are determined to praise Him no matter what. Heb.13:15
Lift up your hands and give God Praise for what you have received. 
Altar Call 
Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and I need you to save me. I believe you died for me and rose on the third day that I may be justified. Today I confess and repent of all my sins; I forsake them; forgive me Lord Jesus; come into my heart Lord Jesus; be my Lord and savior; from today I promise to serve you in the name of Jesus.

Prayer 1
Father in the name of Jesus, baptize me and every member of this church with a Davidic order of praise; clothe me and every member of this church with the garment of praise; elevate my praise and that of every member of this church to wonder triggering dimensions in the name of Jesus. Isa.61:3; Ps.119:164; 34:1; 1Tim.2:8; 

Prophetic Declaration
    1. As the Lord lives, I prophesy wonders in your health, wonders in your finances, wonders in your marriage, wonders in the life of your children, wonders in your career, wonders in your business, wonders in your spiritual life and wonders in your community in the name of Jesus
    2. You are a child of wonders because Isaiah 8:18 says
    I and the children whom the Lord has given me! We are for signs and wonders, therefore delightful wonders shall be multiplied in your life and family in the name of Jesus. 
    3. You are child of wonders because 1Cor.2:9 says eye has not seen, ear has not heard neither has it entered the imagination of man what God has prepared for you; therefore things that eye has not seen, nor ear heard nor had entered into the imagination of man that will make you a living wonder to your generation shall be common in your life and family from henceforth in the name of Jesus
    4. every arrow of affliction, wickedness and wretchedness looking for you or yours returns back to the sender; 
    5. every monitoring eye, evil eye, kidnappers eye, armed robber eye, and feline eyes targeting you or yours is blinded today; as a dark mist fell upon Elymas the sorcerer, so shall darkness cover them and their path be slippery; 
    6. every accusing finger, condemning hand, malicious heart and mocking grin directed at you or yours is frozen in paralysis today; 
    7. every rod of the wicked seeking to rest on your lot is consumed by fire; and every force positioned to sabotage your testimony is frustrated in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen! 
    8. You must end this month well;  By this time tomorrow, your miracle is in your hands in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!