Message Summary

Enlisting in God's Army Jn.3:3-5; 

How to Enlist in God's Army
    1. In the natural world, armies usually have special induction rituals in which a prospective soldier must participate in order to join the forces. 
    2. God also has a special induction through which you become part of His spiritual army. His plan centers on two important concepts, repentance and conversion, which result in justification. 
    3. In the natural world, when a soldier joins an army, he must deny any previous allegiance he has had to another army or country. When you join the army of God, you must repent of your allegiance to sin and the Kingdom of Satan. This is done by repentance.
What is repentance
    1. Repentance is "an inward decision or change of mind resulting in the outward action of turning from sin to God and righteousness.“ Repentance is a personal decision to change your allegiance from the Kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God.  Acts 20:21. 
    2. This change of mind and turning from sin cannot be done in yourself. It is the power of God which actually brings the change in the mind, heart, and life of a sinner: Repentance is a gift of God. Acts 11:18; 5:31

Importance of Repentance
    1. God Commands It. Acts 17:30
    2. It is necessary to avoid spiritual death. Lk.13:3
    3. It is necessary for eternal life. Acts 11:18
    4. It is necessary for forgiveness. Acts 2:38
    5. It Is God’s desire for everyone. 2Pet.3:9
    6. It Is The Reason Jesus Came Into The World. Lk.5:32
    7. It is necessary to enter God's kingdom. Matt.4:17

The Next Step After Repentance Is Conversion.
    1. When you ask for forgiveness of sins you experience "conversion." Conversion means "to turn;" “ to turn from the wrong way to the right way." You leave the Kingdom of Satan and join the Kingdom of God. Lk.1:16; Acts 9:35; 11:21
    2. Conversion is turning from the darkness of sin to the light of God’s righteousness. Acts 26:18a
    3. It is turning from the power of Satan to God. Acts 26:18b
    4. It is turning from worldly things to spiritual things. Acts 14:15b
    5. It is turning from false gods to the true and living God: 1Thess.1:9b
The Importance of Conversion.
You must turn from the wrong to the right because; 
    1. It Is Necessary To Enter The Kingdom Of God. Matt.18:3
    2. It saves from spiritual death. Jas.5:20
    3. It Is Necessary For The Blotting Out Of Sin. Acts 3:19
    4. Repentance and conversion are best illustrated by the parable of the prodigal son. Lk.15:11-21
        a. Repentance - the change of mind. Lk.15:17-18
        b. Conversion - Acting on that decision. Lk.15:20a

Justification and Salvation
    1. When you are living in sin, you stand condemned before God who is the judge of all mankind. Jn.3:18
    2. When you repent from sin and make the decision to turn from your sinful ways, this establishes a right relationship with God. This right relationship or right standing before God is called "justification": it means you are justified, acquitted and considered righteous before God. Rom.5:1; Acts 13:38-39
    3. When you are justified through repentance and conversion, you are "saved" from a life of sin as well as from the penalties of sin. Rom.6:16-18
    4. Repentance and conversion result in justification and salvation. This is God's plan for induction into His army. This is the process of spiritual rebirth or being born again that makes you a member of the army of the kingdom of God.
    5. As a member of the army of the kingdom of God you are qualified to join the fight for the souls of men and women on the side of the kingdom of God. 
    6. Now repentance does not end for the believer once you are justified and saved. As a believer, when you sin, you must also repent. 1Jn.1:8-9; Rev.2:5; 2:16; 3:19;

Altar Call 
Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and I need you to save me. I believe you died for me and rose on the third day that I may be justified. Today I confess and repent of all my sins; I forsake them; forgive me Lord Jesus; come into my heart Lord Jesus; be my Lord and savior; from today I promise to serve you in the name of Jesus.

Prayer 1
Father in the name of Jesus, let every blindfolding activity of the devil in the life of those ordained for eternal life this year be roasted by fire; let every gate of hell resisting the growth establishment and glory of the church come under divine judgement and permanent banishment to the lake of fire; let every conspiracy and gang up against the continuous inflow of multitudes into the church for salvation, healing and deliverance be scattered; let every agent of darkness fighting against the church be grinded to powder in the name of Jesus. 2Cor.4:4; Matt.16:18; Isa.54:15; Lk.20:18;

Prophetic Declaration
    1. As the Lord lives, any tree not planted by my father in your life and family is uprooted today: 
    2. any demonic plantings within you, around you, in your office, in your marriage, in your womb, in your finances and in your home is roasted by fire today; 
    3. whatever is sabotaging your fruitfulness, circumventing your progress, frustrating your efforts and aborting your harvest from within is consumed by fire today; 
    4. wherever they buried your placenta or that of your children in order to manipulate and derail your destiny catches fire now: 
    5. wherever your life, your health, family, and your destiny is tied down, you are released today: 
    6. every premature death and terminal assault, looking for you and your family is arrested and sent back to hell today; 
    7. every demonic leash around your life, that is pulling you back is roasted by fire in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!