Message Summary

The Works of the Flesh Pt. 3

    1. Strife is quarreling, fighting, or conflict; a clash or dispute. 
    2. Wrath causes strife. Prov.15:18
    3. Hatred causes strife. Prov.10:12
    4. Forward (aggressive) men also cause strife: Prov.16:28
    5. Pride causes strife: Prov.28:25
    6. Angry men cause strife: Prov.29:22
    7. Scornful men  (mockers) cause strife: Prov.22:10
    8. Meddlesome, argumentative people and gossipers cause strife. Prov.26:17; 26:20-21
    9. Foolish questions cause strife: 2Tim.2:23
    10. Strife is evidence of carnality. 1Cor.3:3
    11. Where envy and strife is, there will be confusion. Jas.3:16
    12. Nothing should be done through strife. Php.2:3
    13. Strife is one of the characteristics of false teachers. 1Tim.6:4-5

    1. Sedition is the stirring up of unrest or discord. It is inciting unrest or rebellion against the word of God and God's legitimately constituted authority in the church. It is sowing discord and disunity amongst brethren especially when that leads to rebellion against the duly constituted authority of God in the church. Prov.6:14; 6:19
    2. Examples are Korah Dathan and Abiram who incited unrest amongst the brethren to rebel against the authority of Moses and Aaron. Num.16:1-50; 

    1. Heresies are beliefs contrary to the Word of God. They are opinions of man which are in error and lead to division in the church. Heresies are characteristic of false prophets: 2Pet.2:1
    1. Envy is jealousy excited by the success of others. It is a feeling of unhappiness or resentment aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, success or blessings coupled with an intense desire for the same. 
    2. Envy is one of the characteristics of false teachers: 1Tim.6:4-5
    3. Envy is a sign of being a carnal Christian: 1Cor.3:3
    4. Those living in sin are filled with envy  Rom.1:29; Tit.3:3
    5. Where there is envy, other problems arise: Jas.3:16
    6. We are warned not to envy sinners: Prov.23:17
    1. To murder is to take the life of another with willful malice and forethought. Ex.20:13
    2. You should not be guilty of murder: 1Pet.4:15
    3. The New Testament expands the meaning of murder to include hatred. If you hate other believers it is like being a murderer. 1Jn.3:15

    1. Drunkenness is a condition of having mental and physical faculties affected by excessive drinking. It is intoxication caused by strong chemical drinks. The Bible warns that the drunkard will be poor: Prov.23:21
    2. You are not to live a drunken lifestyle: Rom.13:13
    3. You are not even to keep company with those who are drunkards: 1Cor.5:11
    4. The Bible warns that drunkards will not inherit the Kingdom of God: 1Cor.6:9-10
    5. You may have been a drunkard in times past, but as a believer you are no longer to do this: 1Pet.4:2-3
    6. The Bible contrasts being drunk with wine and being filled with the Spirit: Eph.5:18

    1. Revelling is to engage and delight in worldly pleasures, participating in worldly, boisterous merry making or festivity. It is riotous and wild living.
    2. If you have been a reveler before, as believers you should no longer behave this way. 1Pet.4:2-3

Results of Works of the Flesh. 
    1. The consequence of engaging in the works of the flesh is denial from inheriting the kingdom of God. Gal.5:19-21
    2. But God has given us a way to avoid this penalty. 1Jn.1:9

How Does One Stop Doing The Sinful Works Of The Flesh
    1. Repent and have faith towards God by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior: when you do that you become a new creature in Christ. 2Cor.5:17
    2. Be filled with the Holy Spirit so that you can walk in the spirit. Gal.5:16. To walk in the spirit means:
        a. To walk in obedience to the word of God and the Holy Spirit. 
        b. To allow the spirit take over your faculties by engaging Him regularly through praying in tongues abundantly so He can direct you.
        c. To resist the flesh and set you mind on the things of the spirit.
    3. Realize you cannot be freed from the works of the flesh and walk in the Spirit through your own effort.
        a. The Apostle Paul described the struggle he had in his own effort to live a Godly life: Rom.7:15-19
        b. Paul continued to pursue this goal of Christlikeness despite his failures. Php.3:12-14
        c. Ask God to put a desire to be holy in your heart. Whenever you fail and sin, confess it immediately and ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome it. This is how you learn to walk in the Spirit. Rom.8:1-9

Altar Call 
Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and I need you to save me. I believe you died for me and rose on the third day that I may be justified. Today I confess and repent of all my sins; I forsake them; forgive me Lord Jesus; come into my heart Lord Jesus; be my Lord and savior; from today I promise to serve you in the name of Jesus.

Prayer 1
Father in the name of Jesus, on behalf of ourselves, our families and every member of this church, we repent of any manifestation of the works of the flesh in our lives including strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, and revelries; Father have mercy and cleanse us from every unrighteousness; baptize us with the spirit of Holiness and empower us to walk I the spirit so that we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh in the name of Jesus. Gal.5:19-21; Rom.8:13; 1:4; Col.3:5; 1Jn.1:8-9

Prophetic Declaration
    1. As the Lord lives, this week you are crossing barriers; you are changing levels; you are shifting dimensions and you are overcoming challenges; 
    2. this week God will fast track your portion; He will accelerate your progress; He will multiply your grace and capacity; 
    3. this week God will suspend protocols for your sake; He will bring you to the top of the line; He will grant you supernatural access; 
    4. this week God will open unexpected doors; He will close distracting doors; He will make a way where there is none; 
    5. this week you shall recover your loses and you shall be divinely supplied beyond your expectations; 
    6. this week God will amplify His favor upon your life;  His hand will be evident in your life; His power will manifest in your life and His glory will be visible upon your life in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!