Heb.9:27, Isa.33:22

Message Summary

Eternal Judgment Pt. 1. Heb.9:27; Isa.33:22;

The word "to judge" means to separate or make a difference between. This includes the processes of gathering evidence, bringing to trial, examining evidence, determining guilt or innocence, and deciding the penalty for sin. Eternal judgment is the great and final judgment spoken of in the Bible which determines the eternal destiny of all souls.

Who is the Judge

    1. God Is The Judge: Isa.33:22; Heb.12:23B
    2. Jesus Christ: God has given Jesus authority to judge: John 5:22; 5:26-27;
    3. The Saints: In the final judgment true believers will help judge the world: 1 Cor.6:2-3

What Will Be The Standard Of Judgment? 

    1. The standard by which we all will be judged is the Word of God, the fixed standard of the word of God.  John 12:47-48; Ps.119:89
        a. Not creeds, standards or traditions of men
        b. Not denominational or organizational rules

What Is The Reason For Judgment? 

    1. Sin Against God's Law: Rom.2:12
    2. Ungodliness: 2Pet.3:7; Jude 15
    3. Unrighteousness: 2Pet.2:9
    4. Unbelief: John 3:18
    5. Trespass: Rom.5:18
    6. Evil deeds: John 3:19

What Are The Principles Of Divine Judgment

    1. Based On The Word Of God: Ps.119:89
    2. According To Knowledge: Men and nations will be judged according to the knowledge of God which was given them. Matt.11:21-24; 12:41; Rom.1:20
    3. Individually: Ezek.18:20;
    4. Based On Personal Conduct: 2Cor.5:10; Rom.2:6; 1Pet.1:17; Rev.20:12
    5. According To Truth: Rom.2:2
    6. Without Partiality: 1Pet.1:17; 1Sam.16:7B
    7. According To The Law:  Rom.2:12
    8. According To Righteousness: Ps.9:8; 96:13B; Acts 17:31; 2Tim.4:8
    9. According To Motives And Thoughts: 1Cor.4:5; Rom.2:16; 
    10. Based On The Law Of Conscience: Rom.2:13-16

When will judgment take place? What is the time of Judgment? 

The Bible indicates there is a past, present, and future judgment:
Past Judgments That Are Important To Believers
    1. Satan And His Angels: Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God passed final judgment on Satan. John 16:11; Col.2:15; Jude 6
    2. The World: Because it is ruined by the presence of sin, the physical world is already condemned by God's judgment. The Bible says the world will be destroyed by fire. John 12:31; 2Pet.3:10

Present Judgment
    1. The present judgment of man is on the basis of whether or not he has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior: John 3:18; 
    2. God's present judgment on unbelievers is by showing His wrath because they hinder the truth: Rom.1:18
    3. God's present judgment of believers is in love. He corrects them when they do wrong: Heb.12:5-8, 11;



Father in the name of Jesus, let everything that may compromise my eternity and that of any member of this church be uprooted from our lives today and  grant each one of us the grace to be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord because our labor is not in vain in Jesus name 1Cor.15:58