Message Summary

The Process of Spiritual Growth

The Agents of Spiritual Growth

    1. The word of God. The word of God is the milk or food of spiritual growth. 1Pet.2:2; Matt.4:4
        a. Instructions, insight and principles essential for spiritual growth comes from the word. 2Tim.3:16-17
        b. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds through the word of God. Rom.12:2;
        c. We are transformed as we encounter His image and glory through the mirror of the  word. 2Cor.3:18; 
    2. The 2nd agent of Spiritual growth is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the director and coordinator of spiritual growth. John 14:26
        a. He directs us to the word that we may need for our spiritual growth. Rom.8:14
        b. He helps to digest and process the word into understanding, insight and strength for spiritual growth. John 16:13-14
        c. He sanctifies, purifies, refines, renews and regenerates us to reflect the life and character of Christ 2 Thess.2:13; Titus 3:5
        d. He helps us develop the fruit of the spirit through the application of the word. Rom.5:5
        e. He empowers us for all the spiritual exercises necessary for our spiritual growth. Rom.8:26; 
        f. He anoints us to be powerful witnesses for the gospel. Acts 1:8; 
    3. The 3rd agent of spiritual growth is prayer. Jer.33:3; 
        a. We are transformed through prayer. Luke 9:29
        b. We engage the Holy Spirit through prayer and are built up in the process. 1Cor.14:4;
        c. Prayer is the conduit for the flow of supernatural virtues into our lives for spiritual growth. Acts 4:31
    4. The 4th agent of spiritual growth is the church. The church provides the motivation  the environment and the opportunity for spiritual growth. The church is the gym of spiritual growth. Eph.4:11-16; 
        a. The growth and the glory of the church is the purpose for spiritual growth. Eph.5:25-27; 
        b. The church creates the environment for spiritual growth by providing opportunities for believers to serve one another and their community. Eph.4:16; 
        c. The church also provides mentorship and accountability for spiritual growth. You cannot grow spiritually in the right direction without being accountable to someone. Jer.3:15; 1Tim.5:17; 1Pet.5:2
        d. The church provides the platform for the Holy spirit to do His work in the life of believers and the community in building the kingdom of God. Acts 9:31; 13:1-4; 20:28; 
        e. That is why you cannot really grow spiritually if you are not planted in a church. Ps.92:13-14
    5. The 5th agent of spiritual growth are trials and temptations. Trials and temptations are the test of spiritual growth. They are the exams of spiritual growth. Their purpose is to validate and prove that you have grown in that area of temptation or trial. And once you pass the test you are promoted to your next level. Jas.1:2-4; Psalm 105:19-21; 66:10-12; Matt.13:20-21

The Process Of Spiritual Growth

Every word of God that we truly believe and receive attracts a test  Matt.13:20-21
Once we pass the test we grow. That word or belief is established in our lives. And we go to the next level. If we fail the test, that word is not established, and the test will come again in one form or another until we pass it. 
    a. Every time we successfully resist temptation we grow. 
    b. Every time we fall and rise up again, we grow. 
    c. Every time we overcome trials we grow.
    d. Every time we pass the test we are promoted to our next level. Ps.66:10-12
The word of God tested Joseph before he could go to his next level. Ps.105:19-21



Father in the name of Jesus, let everything fighting my spiritual growth be terminated today;  empower me and every member of this church with grace to give priority to our spiritual development and to invest the time and effort necessary for our spiritual growth in the name of Jesus. Matt.6:33; 2Tim.3:16-17;
Today is our covenant day of Exemption. Therefore from henceforth, you and your family are exempted from the calamity, destruction, terrors, assaults, harassment, afflictions and orchestrations of the enemy in the name of Jesus. Ps.91:5-8
The anointing oil applied upon you is the seal of your exemption. It makes you untouchable. Ps.105:15; 89:20-23

So as this anointing oil is applied upon you today
    i. The enemy shall not be able to outwit you any longer
    ii. The sons of wickedness are not permitted to afflict you any longer
    iii. You are exempted from the evil that befall others
    iv. You and your family are exempted from the instability of the economy
    v. You and your family are exempted from the calamities and disasters of the season
    vi. You are your family are exempted from accidents, robberies, kidnappings  and untimely death.
    vii. You are your family are exempted from miscarriages, disappointments, rejections and failures.
    viii. You are your family are exempted from misdirection, confusion, and enemy manipulations.