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    1. Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for the multitudes you gathered into our services and for the renewal of strength,  the testimonies, miracles, encounters and for answers to all our prayers to date, both as a commission and as individuals; To you be all the glory in the name of Jesus. Father by the operation of the Holy Spirit compel greater multitudes into our services today and let no one leave the same way they came in the name of Jesus. - Ps.118:1; Rev.12:11; Heb.4:16;

    2.  Father in the name of Jesus, let everything that is resisting my financial destiny and the financial destiny of each member of this church be uprooted now; let every embargo on my finances, my career, my business, my promotion, my job and that of each member of this church be lifted now;  let every spell, garment and yoke of poverty, wretchedness, lack and debt in my life and  in the life of each member of this church, catch fire now in the name of Jesus. Zech.3:3-4; Ps.69:11; Lk.15:22; 2kgs.25:29; Matt.15:13; Heb.12:16; 2Kg.5:20-27; 

    3. Father in the name of Jesus, open my eyes and that of each member of this church, to see the vision for our lives that will unlock the provision you have ordained for each of us this year; empower me and every member of this church to  make the kingdom of God the motive for every effort we put into life so we can take delivery of the provision ordained for us; let the budgetary allocation for me, my family this church and each of her members for 2023 be released now and delivered without any delay or struggle all through this year in the name of Jesus.  Matt.6:33; 1Chr.29:3-4; Eph.2:10; Deut.8:18; Ps.68:19;

    4. Father in the name of Jesus, lead me to my wealthy place, teach me how to profit, and give me access to divine ideas and secrets that will make me stand out and attract wealth; by divine favor, position me at the right place, at the right time and with the right people,  make exceptions for me, suspend protocols for my sake, open doors supernaturally for me, empower me to take advantage of the doors you open and cause whatever I do to prosper in the name of Jesus. Ps.102:13; Eccl.9:11; Rom.9:16; Isa.45:1-3; 48:17,21; Job 29:4; Ps.66:12;

    5. Father in the name of Jesus, empower me to confront and break the habits that promote poverty such as laziness, slothfulness, sluggishness, indolence, materialism, hoarding, stinginess, procrastination, impatience, ingratitude,  indecisiveness and irresponsibility in my life in the name of Jesus. And replace them with the habits that promote wealth, such as diligence, determination, persistence, devotion, commitment, sacrifice, discipline, focus and humility in the name of Jesus. Prov.10:4; 12:24: 13:4; 21:5; 22:4;14:23; 26:14; 6:10-11; 22:13;  1Tim.6:6; 2Tim.2:3,12; Lk.10:38-42; 11:34; 9:23; 18:1; Ps.147:6; Heb.12:1-2; 6:15;; Php.2:5-11; Rom.12:1-2; Jn.10:17; Matt.13:21; 24:13; Jam.1:6-8;

    6. Father in the name of Jesus, today I formerly enter into the Abrahamic covenant of prosperity through the finished work of Christ and by this proclamation activate and release the provisions of that covenant and the power to get wealth into my life in Jesus name. Deut.8:18; 2Chron.15:12-15; Jn.15:4-5; Gal.3:13-14,29

    7. Father in the name of Jesus, let the love of God be poured out into the heart of every believer by the Holy Spirit; let compassion and zeal for the lost consume the heart of every believer; let the spirit of intercession rule the heart of every believer; let the artificial walls in the body of Christ collapse like the Jericho walls; let the body of Christ be united in spirit in the bond of peace; let the glory of the Lord be visible in the life of every believer across the body of Christ in the name of Jesus. John 17:20-21; Rom.5:5; Eph.4:1-4; 5:27; 


Prophetic Declaration 

As the Lord lives. Every negative situation that has been prolonged in your life expires today; you shall receive a word and wisdom that will terminate the delay today; every demonic spirit stationed to supervise your stagnation is ejected out of your life today;  every spirit and plague of emptyhandedness and dryness leaves your life today; every cycle of rising and falling expires today; your season of emptiness and dryness is over forever in the mighty name of Jesus; Every demonic agent, witchcraft coven, occultist or altars that will not allow you to rest in 2023 shall be laid to rest this month in the mighty name of Jesus; Every nighttime transactions in the sleep or dream used to impart negative things into your life or that of your family, those deposits are retrieved and returned back to sender in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen! No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper!

Good morning and have a bountiful day!